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(This is just who we are.)

We are a small but powerful team made up of expert marketers, seasoned entrepreneurs, and experienced investors who are experts at creating digital marketing strategies that work! Our efforts are focused on selecting talent teams and companies with huge potential, creating a personal plan based on their goals, instituting the best strategy, and executing to provide results!

She is a marketing & tech wizard!

Stephanie founded Social Media REI when she discovered the incredible power of precise social media marketing in the real estate investing world. As active real estate investors and owners of Better Path Homes, Stephanie and her husband Zachary were constantly searching for new quality lead sources. When she developed a successful, reproducible way to market on Facebook and Instagram things took off and she has now set out to bring these methods across the country to other real estate investors and their markets. 

Most of all, she loves working with people!

Jennie lives in CT with her husband, two kids, and their rescue dog. She has been working at Social Media REI for 5 years and her passion is people! She loves getting to know her clients and creating strategic and creative marketing plans tailored to fit their needs.  She grew up in an entrepreneurial  family and knows what it takes… which makes her even more invested in helping her clients find success.

Shannan lives in the Charlotte, NC area, but is originally from West Virginia. After more than 20 years of marketing experience in luxury retirement living and small digital agency work for local small businesses, she found herself looking for a new passion... and found both SMREI and Better Path Homes to be the best fit! Her role on the SMREI team is to keep up-to-date on social media strategy, research trends, and promote the Social Media REI brand. 

She loves finding new clients to help!

Amy is a recent college grad living in Charlotte, NC. She is new to the team and so excited to be your latest customer service Left Main expert! She loves making connections with other people, teaching people new things, and anything involving planting and gardening!

She's great with clients & so excited to get you on track to succeed! 

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