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Dealing With Negativity On Your Social Media Pages

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

When advertising your Real Estate Investment company on your Social Media pages, negative comments and reviews are just a part of the platform. In both the eyes of your audience and the platform's algorithms, the best way to deal with negativity on your pages is head on.

If you receive a negative review or comment on your Facebook/Instagram page, try and respond as positively as you can to change the tone of the review. Your page visitors will look just as hard at what you respond than what the negative review actually says.

You can also collect as many positive reviews as you can to build your legitimacy and trustworthiness to your audience, while also drowning out the occasional negative review.

Facebook will let you request reviews from other users that can leave positive reviews to optimize your Facebook page to the fullest.

Use these tips below to request reviews from as many people as you can.

People to request positive reviews from:

- Sellers you've purchased homes from

- People who have bought a property you've flipped

- Previous tenants

- Other investors you're friends with/JV'd deals with/Wholesaled to or from - Your private money lender

- Your hard money lender

- Your mortgage broker

- Friends and family

- Your employees/contractors

- Your closing attorney

- Your real estate agent

- Your property insurance broker

- Your CPA/Bookkeeper

- Your professional home photographer/videographer

- Your property manager

Quick Tips:

1. You can hide particularly vicious comments

2. Be aware that hiding comments will damage your ad's relevancy score, so choose wisely.

3. Respond with professionalism and humor when needed. You get more bees with honey.

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