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  • Amy Waite

Generate Likes On Facebook Faster Than Ever Before

Collecting likes on your Facebook page can seem like a trivial step in your social media marketing strategy. To be fair, likes don’t necessarily equal conversions. But, Facebook likes can be really important for enhancing your brand presence in your local markets.

The most valuable thing about gaining likes on your Facebook page is increasing your credibility to your local market. Having a larger following on your social media accounts can in the long run help you convert sellers in your market.

When it comes to a decision as large as selling their home, most people want to make sure they can trust who they would be selling to. Having more followers and likes on your pages can have a huge impact on how your markets perceive you and the legitimacy of your business.

Now that you know why Facebook likes are important, we are excited to share with you how to generate likes to your Facebook Page.

The answer lies in a very basic Facebook advertising campaign, with the only goal being to simply generate likes to your Facebook business page. Not only is the campaign very inexpensive to run, but it can also start showing results quickly, so you won’t have to run the campaign for very long.

Even setting up a Facebook Likes campaign is easy to do. Simply follow these quick steps to get your Facebook Likes campaign up and running!

1. Go to your Facebook page and click the big blue ‘Promote’ button.

2. Choose ‘Create New Ad’

3. Under the Goal section at the top choose ‘Get More Page Likes’ at the bottom of the list. (You may have to select ‘See More’ to find it).

4. Create a description and photo.

Facebook will automatically use your Facebook page description and your profile picture, but you can change it if you’d like.

5. Turn on the Special Ad Category toggle and choose the Housing category

6. In the Audience section, click ‘Create New’ to create your targeting audience

7. Name your audience

8. In the Location section when creating your audience, choose your targeting location.

To get the quickest results for the lowest cost, make the location worldwide. The more local you go with your targeting location, the more expensive the likes will be and the less you’ll generate a day.

9. Click ‘Save Audience’

10. In the Duration section, choose whether you would like your campaign to run continuously, or if you would like the campaign to stop after an amount of time.

11. Choose your daily budget for your campaign. For a likes campaign, you shouldn’t have to spend more than $10/day to see results.

12. Add your payment method at the bottom of the screen and click ‘Promote Now’ to publish

Once the campaign is published, sit back and wait for the likes to come in! Once you start to see a high volume of results from the worldwide targeting, you can either narrow your location to capture likes from more local members of your market, or turn the campaign off and use the Facebook likes generated to emerge in the forefront of your market for a credible and visible company worth selling a home to!

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