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How REI Wholesalers Take Advantage of Social Media

Social Media, Facebook, and Instagram Marketing for Real Estate Investors!
Real Estate Investors: Optimize your Facebook/Instagram page to reach higher engagement than ever before!

As your personal social media marketing gurus in the world of real estate investing, we know how exciting acquiring a new investment property can be. But, the question remains: how do I translate that excitement to prospective buyers on Facebook?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We want to share some of our Social Media Marketing tidbits with you, so you can generate excitement about your real estate investment acquisitions to more than just your team (and ours)!

Check out these quick tips to see how you can take advantage of the huge opportunity in front of you through Social Media channels.

First things first; try to keep a routine to post these “steps” in an acquisition. Keep in mind that you will likely have to make the most of your property inspection photos. Make it interesting, make it educational, make it entertaining!

You can take a bunch of pictures from the same house and then schedule them out over the course of a week or so. Don’t publish them all in one post. Work smarter, not harder. Having lots of content is ideal, but only if you have a plan to share this content over time. This will keep your Facebook page filled with relevant content, and you can take advantage of all of the awesome content you’ve created.

Use these tips to keep your page engaging with a variety of content, all with different goals to optimize your business page, and ultimately, lead to more closed contracts!

1. Eye openers, “check this outs” – Post pictures of something interesting that you saw on a house walk-thru. Keep in mind that what is interesting to the general public is more interesting to them than it is to you. Your routine is mind blowing to people!

i. So bad it's good: Weird wallpaper, 15 cats in a single room, carpet in a bathroom, extreme mold

ii. Interesting features: Cool brick façade, water front view, golf course view, etc

iii. Asking opinions from your following

1. "Look at this chandelier. Keep it or change it?"

2. “Look at this kitchen. What would be the first thing you would


iv. Hashtags

2. Sellers – Take a selfie with sellers with the house in the background (even if you didn’t get the contract!). This will help break the barrier between real estate investors and sellers and build trustworthiness through your Social Media channels.

i. If you did, take a picture of them signing the contract (bonus points if they are smiling!)

ii. Hashtags

3. Closing Day – Pictures at the closing table/title company of you (your team) with the sellers. Also great for building trustworthiness and getting your brand presence out into the world.

i. Capture a video testimonial!!

ii. Take a picture with your seller holding a check you wrote them!

iii. Hashtags

4. The Hustle. The Entrepreneur life - Give your Facebook/Instagram viewers a look into who you are and what your team does. Show them that you're more than a real estate investor. Give prospective leads a reason to want to do business with you versus your competition. Give a little to gain a lot.

i. Articles that are relevant to your market or real estate

ii. Pictures of you working in a coffee shop, etc

iii. Pictures of you at a REIA meeting

iv. Pictures of you and your team

v. Pictures of you door-knocking

vi. Picture of you and your family

5. Motivational posts - These are awesome for driving engagement to your posts and pages. It also gives a little bit of a break to the constant sales pitch your page viewers are used to seeing on your page.

i. Share quotes that drive you

ii. Don’t be afraid to take a video of you explaining a situation is which you were able to help

iii. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHARE something you found interesting on someone else’s account. If you share it to your page make sure you also include your thoughts on that shared material

iv. Pose a question. This is a great way to get your Social Media audience to start a conversation on your post. We love free marketing!

Now that you're ready to conquer the Real Estate Investment market in your area, we are confident that these tips and tricks will help improve engagement, trustworthiness, and brand presence!

If this sounds like a daunting task for you, or if you're already too busy dominating your market, let us help you. We have a content downloadable offering you THIRTY DAYS of content.

Yes, you read that right. We will give you access to thirty days of art, captions, Facebook Live ideas, and more Social Media content!

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