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Three Quick Social Media Engagement Boosters You Should Be Doing

It can be hard for real estate investors to see the value in investing their time into social media. Use these three quick and easy-to-implement tips to optimize your social media pages daily.
Use these three tips to increase your brand presence on social media while dominating your real estate market!

It can be tough to find the time for the “little things”. The small, quick tasks that always take the back burner because you can’t find the time or don’t know where to start. When keeping up with a real estate investment company, I’m sure it can be hard to see the value in investing your time into your social media channels, adding to the list of “little things” left to do.

Social Media REI is here to tell you that your social media marketing is more important than EVER! With more and more companies moving online to increase their brand presence, your real estate investment company needs to take advantage of the opportunities that social media presents.

Social media gives you the immense opportunity to speak directly to your audience and gain trust from them before they can even dial your number. You can voice your true passion for helping your community in ways that your website, a commercial, or an email campaign cannot capture. Focusing time to curate your social media channels is absolutely crucial in getting in front of your audience.

We get it. You’re too busy closing deals and following up on leads to take time to optimize your social media pages. That’s why we’re here to help! We have listed three super easy ways to boost your engagement on your social media pages that any real estate investor can find time for.

1. Invite people who like your posts to like your page.

When people ‘like’ a post on your Facebook page and aren’t already liking your page, you can easily request for them to give your page a ‘like’ as well. If you’re looking at your post, click on the likes to see the users that have liked your post. On the right side of their name, there will be an ‘invite’ button, which will simply send them a notification to like your page.

This is a very fast way to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page, which will create more brand presence and legitimacy both online and in your community.

2. Repurpose your content.

We all want to make our lives a little easier without sacrificing on our efficiency. When it comes to content, don’t try to reinvent the wheel every time. Use the same testimonials in posts, ads, or photos, just make them look a little different. If you have a video that's a little bit long, chop it up and use it more than once. If you have a bunch of photos from properties you’ve purchased, use those photos in multiple ways instead of posting them all at one time.

Squeeze as much value out of your content as you can. This will save you time on collecting your content, without having the added responsibility of searching out too much additional social media content outside of your normal practices.

3. Engage with other pages as your business page.

Make sure that your business page is getting used in the way Facebook or Instagram intended. Interact with other investors in your community as your business page. Not your personal page, but as your brand. Join real estate investor focused Facebook groups, like and comment on other posts as your business page, get your name out there in as many ways as possible.

This small act will really benefit your visibility on your social media platforms and their algorithms will love you for it! (If any of you need a crash course: happy social media algorithms = more ad visibility, more page visibility, overall better performance).

A lot of people think that maintaining your brand on social media is a daunting task. Though it is a time investment, just like any other marketing channel, there are also small quick things you can be doing every time you log on that will make a difference to your social media pages for the better.

If social media marketing is something you have been interested in exploring, but just sounds like far too much to maintain, Social Media REI is here to help YOU! We work with real estate investors all over the US to maintain, optimize, and advertise on their social media platforms. We offer everything from ad account management to posting services, all centered around helping real estate investors close more deals.

Click Here to view our services or to book a call with a member of our team!

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