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Three Reasons Why You're Struggling to Gain or Maintain Momentum

Three reasons why real estate investors find it difficult to maintain the momentum needed to achieve financial freedom.
Are these reasons why you're finding it hard to maintain momentum in the current market?

Whether you're a real estate investor looking for their second door, or a more seasoned investor looking to keep up with the increase in competition in your marketplace, it can be hard to generate or maintain the momentum needed to make your company more scalable.

Social Media REI was founded by real estate investors for real estate investors, so we know how challenging it can be to get ahead and grow your business to financial freedom. Below are three of the biggest setbacks encountered by real estate investors that slow down the scalability of their companies.

1. Too Many Opportunities

There is simply too much content, information, and advice worth listening to to ever start generating your own deals. It can be easy to fall into the mindset of consuming resources to gain confidence before taking action. Overconsumption of resources can actually have the opposite effect because it can become a distraction or point you in too many directions at once.

Go back to the drawing board. Figure out EXACTLY which deals you want to collect, and focus on getting really good at that type of investing. Interested in small multi-family properties? Consume content focusing only on how to most effectively invest in and manage those types of properties. Maybe you want to learn more about creative financing and implement some of those strategies in your org. Consume resources centered around best practices for creative financing. Make sure the information that you are seeking out aligns with the type of investments you are looking to make.

2. Not having enough time

With the abundance of information available, it can be really hard to feel prepared to take the next step in acquiring new properties or strategies. We can easily fall into a routine of comfortability and not find time for ways to reevaluate.

There are plenty of ways to take immediate action to create more momentum for your company. Network on social media for free by leaving a like and a comment, or join Facebook groups and virtual conferences/webinars to connect with other investors quickly and easily!

3. analysis paralysis

Every day spent over-analyzing your past, present, or potential investments is another day someone in your market is closing a deal. Collecting and analyzing data is crucial to a company's success, but it can also be used to overanalyze and scare you out of making quick decisions.

Don’t be afraid to take action. Now that you have evaluated all of the great data that you have collected, it’s time to make a decision based on that data. Being overly cautious can sabotage any investment, so find the balance between needing to analyze and being ready to move on.

With the abundance of masterclasses, webinars, YouTube videos, and social media content, all with valuable advice and resources in succeeding in real estate investing, it can be daunting to come into the marketplace as a new investor or difficult to adapt and improve as a more experienced investor.

Next time you’re faced with too much information, make sure to take a step back and focus on exactly what your company does best and how to make that process the best that it can be.

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