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Three Ways to Spice Up Your Stale Social Media Pages

The more consistent your brand can be, the more motivated sellers you will reach and the more deals you'll close!
Spruce up your neglected social media pages with consistent and relevant content

Nothing is more frustrating than searching for a product or service and seeing stale social media pages. You know the kind - the ones with one post every three months, no interaction with any of their comments or reviews, the pages where it’s unclear whether or not this company is even in business anymore? Yep, that’s how you know your pages are going stale.

As a real estate investor, building trustworthiness and legitimacy with your community and motivated sellers is absolutely essential. If you are on social media, you have to make sure that you’re investing time to build your pages and focus on communication between your company and followers.

To put it into the sellers perspective, would you rather sell your/your family’s home to a company with multiple reviews, good engagement, and relevant content, or a company that has an empty, outdated, and uninformative page?

Social media marketing can help promote your business and bring in leads, but not being consistent and taking care of your social media pages can be detrimental to your brand presence on and offline.

If you are a real estate investor whose page is starting to look a little stale, do not fear. The key to revamping your tired Facebook/Instagram pages is to be consistent.

Consistency is key when it comes to managing your social media pages. Lucky for you, this is what we do! Social Media REI has compiled a quick checklist of three essential ways to keep your social media pages looking fresh and filled with relevancy.

1. Keep your social media pages filled with relevant content. This includes the information about your company on your social media pages. Make sure your description/bio is filled out, your phone number is accurate, and you’re posting at least once a week. Not only will this keep the Facebook and Instagram algorithms happy, but you’ll notice more traffic and attention on your page once you utilize all the features the platforms offer.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to get on your social media and post every day. You can link your Instagram account to Facebook’s Creator Studio, which gives you the ability to schedule out posts on your Facebook page for MONTHS in advance.

2. Make your page active in your real estate investing and/or local community. Think of your social media pages as your interactive billboard to your prospective sellers.

Share posts onto your page that you enjoy, interact with other investors and events on Facebook you are interested in or attending. Keep your logo, brand, and social media pages in front of your audience in every way possible.

3. Engage with your audience through your social media pages instead of your profile. Keep your brand in the forefront of your followers minds.

If someone comments on your post, like and respond as your business page. If someone submits a positive review, share it onto your business page as your brand, not your personal profile. Make it as simple as possible to start conversations about your business through your social media pages.

Use these simple steps to create more awareness about your business through your Facebook/Instagram pages. Tailor your page to your market, target audience, and brand so you can generate more leads, and stand out in your community.

If you have been wanting to explore social media marketing, but don’t have the time to really take the plunge, Social Media REI is here for you! We offer month-to-month Facebook/Instagram content management. Meaning all you have to do is let us take the reins and watch your social media pages grow in relevancy.

Click Here to view our social media marketing services, or book a call below with a member of our team! We love to help real estate investors all over the country dominate their markets by harnessing the power of social media.

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