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  • Shannan Small

Perfectly Imperfect: What Your Social Media Followers Want to See Live

Go Live on Social Media to optimize your Real Estate Investment pages to the next level! How to deal with imperfections when you want to go Live.
What your followers want to see out of their local Real Estate Investor: Tips on going Live on Social Media

Picture this: you're ready to go Live on Facebook or Instagram, and you panic. What if the dog barks? What if the kids come running through? What if *gasp* the house you are touring isn't in the tip top shape yet? Eeek!

I mean, I went Live on our Social Media REI Business page for the first time and could not keep my connection with Facebook! It took me endless tries to make it happen, and I was inwardly mortified.

Well, good news for all of us who are panicky about going Live in less than perfect conditions: That isn't what going Live is all about anyway. Your followers want to see you in your natural habitat, dealing with life, and showing them a genuine, trustworthy you. Unpolished and stumbling along, maybe - but genuine.

If you really consider what we show on our Real Estate Investing Social Media pages daily, it is probably 95% sales pitch. Maybe you pepper in some polls, questions, and engagement-based posts. But still, what you want on your page is for motivated sellers to contact you with a home to sell.

Unfortunately, you have to stop selling, and start virtually building a relationship with your audience.

And if you look at the success of going Live on Social Media in pure numbers, you'll notice your followers want to see these imperfect moments. They like a little sneak peek into your day-to-day life when visiting a property and talking about the potential, or when you get excited because you just reached your 1000th follower, or when you finally perfected your vegetable soup recipe.

With everyone advertising their businesses and their lives on Social Media, your audience wants to do business with the companies and brands that they trust the most. The days of ridiculous reality TV episodes may be behind us, on Social Media we can get a quick look at the people we want to be friends with - we want to do business with - and for just a few moments, we learn a little bit more that makes you real.

So, flip back to your "I'm going Live now" scenario. You prep the best that you can and dive in. Say your piece and show the world that you are just a regular person. Sometimes wind-blown, sometimes stumbling over your words, but always getting your point across and becoming a little more genuine in the eyes of the folks you want to reach.

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